Primary Research

How to See the Sound


Sound as a Visual Object

My journey through the visualising sound started last semester with module; Issue Based Art and Socially Engaged Art Practice. For my final third year assessment, I invited forester and artist, who gave a talk to a group of participants in the West Cork woods destroyed by storm Ophelia in 2017. Since then I was fixated about the sound of nature and how much I can hear if I focus only on environmental sound.

My challenge was; how to represent sound, as an aesthetic form? in my opinion sound art can be unexciting to look at, sometimes this is because the visual component of a piece is irrelevant.

In my project I use digital media technology to visualise sound, thus visual component of my sound is sound itself.

Conceptual Sonic Art


Within context of this project I constant re-asking the question: how we relate to the nature ? And how we can live with balance and harmony with non-human others in the epoch of the Anthropocene?

Searching for Sound

Created a map with trails where I recorded natural sound.

Deep Mapping the Terrain

Beside recording audio, I also, made a short video, collected artefacts and mark the place with coordinates.

soundscape 1
sounscape 2
soundscape 7
Soundscape 9
soundscape 4
Soundscape 5
Soundscape 6
Soundscape 8
soundscape 10
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